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Mobile Friendly Website Design Services in Melbourne Having a quality and highly responsive website is a valuable investment for any business. The website will help increase awareness about your brand as well as the products and services you offer. At

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It’s critical for every business that has a website to rank higher in search results and get noticed on Google. Every business should strive for this goal with their website.   However, this is only achievable with the right SEO

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A hack, natural disaster, fire disaster, infiltration, or hardware failure to your IT systems can make your business lose their website and its ranking on Google. Disaster recovery procedures ensures that you are able to recover your website without experiencing

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Slam Dunk Web Design – What We Offer

Internet presence and usage

I’m not breaking any new headlines when I say that most decisions made by Australian’s are made because extensive research conducted on certain topics, products and services.

For this reason, it is imperative that all businesses have good quality dynamic websites in Melbourne that are easy for customers and potential customers to use and navigate through.

These websites are designed to promote your top services and we also find niches that are in demand from customers.

Basically, customers and potential customers need to be able to see everything that your business offers along with a gentle push in order to make a purchasing decision.

Websites fit for phones, tablets and desktops

As Melbourne based dynamic website designers, it is imperative for us to design websites that are suitable for a number of different platforms nowadays.

Each website that we design has been designed with the customer in mind.

We design websites that look just as good on mobile phones as they do on tablets and desktop/laptop computers.

This means that we cater for the person who works from home just as effectively as we do for that customer who is looking at their phone on the train as they are heading into their workplace.

This also means that the websites are more effective from an on-page SEO point of view.

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Optimised with SEO

For every website that we make, we conduct extensive research to see the most searched for terms within your industry and then we optimize your website so that it is found by potential customers when they make these searches.
It goes without saying that it’s imperative that your website is optimsed. At Slam Dunk Web Design, we build every website with the goal of ranking on Google.

We put in a considerable amount of research to get this done so that your business performs optimally online and is seen by the right types of potential customers.

Furthermore, Slam Dunk Web Design offers a monthly SEO package which improves your ranking and gets more customers through your door.

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Website Security

If all the above sounds like a lot of hard work, that’s because it is.

So, the last thing we want is for any website we design to be hacked into or to have any other type of security issue.

For this reason, Slam Dunk Web Design also put considerable efforts into planning backup and disaster recovery for Melbourne and Australian based websites.

This means that all security measures are undertaken and if there is a security in a website, it can be recovered quickly and easily with little to no damage to the business or the ranking of the website.

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